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Personalised Home Care Assistance

Domiciliary care is for anyone who wishes to continue living in the comfort of their home, but require support and assistance in certain areas, e.g. medication management, personal care, household tasks etc.

Our person centred care plans are tailored to suit the needs of the individual, routines and circumstances, and are also reviewed to accommodate any changes in needs.

Live-in care

With live- in care, our care assistants deliver bespoke care that is tailored to meeting your individual needs, and support in the comfort of your home. We will work with you and support you in maintaining your independence, while also ensuring preferred routines are upheld.
Our Live-in care services include;

  • Meal Preparations (planning and preparing healthy meals)
  • Shopping (grocery shopping for or with service user)
  • Medication – (ensuring medication adherence in maintained)
  • Companionship – (attending activities, hobbies, and social groups)
  • Supporting with housekeeping – (laundry, washing dishes, keeping environment clean and tidy)
  • Personal care – (assisting with washing, dressing, toileting
  • Accessing the community – (accompanying to attend appointments)

Personal care

Due to illness or mobility issues, it may be difficult for you to attend to your self-care needs. We are able to support you to attend to your day-to-day personal care needs, and also prompt and encourage you, to allow you to remain as independent as possible. We work with individuals to formulate care that best suits them and considers their requirements and needs.

Our personal care services include;

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • washing
  • Dressing
  • Meals
  • Continence care
  • Simple household tasks
  • Medication adherence


People may wish to continue living independently in the comfort of their homes, however may require an extra hand from time to time. Our companionship service aims to offer individuals reassurance and support when needed. Our care staff are carefully selected to support individuals in attending activities, engaging and interacting with them, and also support in household activities. Our companionship service can help individuals to rebuild/ gain confidence and continue to do the things they love.
The service will be tailored to meet the individual’s needs, and also allow for this to be reviewed to meet any changes in needs.

Respite Care

This service ensures individuals continue to have their care needs met in the absence of their primary care giver, be it for a few days or weeks. Respite care aims to ensure there are little to no disruptions in individual care and routines, and they continue to receive support they require. We also work to ensure families/ carers have a peace of mind during their break/ time away and provide continuity in care for their loved one.

Palliative Care

We support individuals during difficult/ challenging times when they are suffering from terminal illnesses. We work to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. We work together with individuals and their families to formulate a personalised care plan that ensures their wishes, preferences or needs are upheld and met at, and in the comfort of their homes. We seek to ensure continuity of care by ensuring the same support staff that has a therapeutic relationship with the individual is provided to deliver this.

Night Care

Night care is when a carer stays in your house overnight to provide support and aims to allow you and your loved ones to rest comfortably.
Sleep is essential for our health, however, some people tend to struggle with this, and will in turn have difficulties carrying out their day to day activities.

We offer the following types of Night care;

  • Sleep in ( utilise where one requires minimal support during the night and will call the staff when support is required)
  • Waking night (our staff stay awake to attend to the service user and support with required needs)

With Night care service, our dedicated carers will be available to assist with toileting, medication administration, repositioning, hydration, reassurance, amongst other things.

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I was particularly impressed by AOH's knowledge of our sector, business and the solutions they were able to deliver very quickly - thanks for your support, hard work, expertise and understanding.

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This better ways of working project was one of the best projects I have been involved with. The AOH team approached the project with great enthusiasm and produced cutting edge solutions which have helped my hospital deliver safer patient experiences.

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